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Who We Are

Ohio Citizen Advocates for Addiction Recovery is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating social change in Ohio.  As the only peer run advocacy organization in the state of Ohio, our staff, Board, and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the rights of individuals in recovery.

It is our job to speak out against the stigma and discrimination associated with addiction, but we can only be as loud as the number of champions behind us.  To get involved with this important work and become a Champion for Change contact us today!



To advocate for those in and seeking recovery from a substance use disorder to ensure political, social, educational, and economic equality.



Every citizen in the state of Ohio has access to recovery support services throughout the lifespan of the disease and barriers to recovery resulting from the stigma and discrimination associated with addiction are eliminated.  Policy decisions are based on the medical model of addiction and are informed by individuals and their friends and families who have been impacted by addiction.  OCAAR believes that improved processes, empowerment and access to care for those in and seeking recovery will benefit the  entire community.




OCAAR seeks out and considers diverse perspectives in terms of race, ethnicity, gender, profession, sexual orientation, and geography.  In order for OCAAR to continue being a peer ran organization and provide an advocacy voice at the local, state, and national level, a diverse and inclusive atmosphere is the most important factor.  Diversity also corresponds to the belief that there are many pathways to and of recovery. 



OCAAR believes that a core part of the organization's duties is to empower individuals in recovery, as well as their friends and family to speak out.



OCAAR participates in all levels of society.  Including the community in all aspects of our work is a fundamental characteristic to achieving our mission by allowing all members of society to be a part of the conversation.



OCAAR serves as an honest, independent, and knowledgeable voice in the community represented by diverse interests.  In order to achieve our mission, we must be held to the highest of standards.



OCAAR focuses on the most pressing health crisis facing our country today.  OCAAR encourages individuals seeking recovery through a compassionate environment of understanding and thoughtful and stimulating dialogue focused on potential solutions rather than debate.

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