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OCAAR is dedicated to supporting individuals in and seeking recovery, family members, friends, and anyone impacted by the disease of addiction.  

Our staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers are passionate and committed to reducing stigma and eliminate discrimiation through social change.  This is accomplished through our work in advocacy, our educational outreach programs, and our recovery support services.



As the first and only statewide addiction recovery advocacy organization in Ohio, OCAAR is dedicated to strengthening the recovery voice in our communities. We offer statewide advocacy trainings on important topics like; telling your story, deliberative dialogue, and the political process.  Find out how you can get involved with OCAAR, share your voice, and become a Champion for Change.


Educational Outreach

OCAAR believes that busting stigma and descrimination starts with education. We offer educational programs across Ohio on issues such as; messaging trainings, what is addiction, deliberative dialogue, and many more.  Contact us today to schedule a training in your area!

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